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The Rasengan is a powerful jutsu and an A-rank technique invented by the Fourth Hokage, he created it while observing the Tailed Beast Ball (the ultimate jutsu for tailed beasts). After spending three years developing it, however, he was never able to see Rasengan through to completion, never achieving the desired results before his death.

Minato’s idea for Rasengan was to take his chakra’s shape transformation to the “highest possible point” and then combine it with his chakra’s natural affinity, creating a jutsu that didn’t need the help of long manual seals to control it. He died before he could accomplish this, but on form transformation alone, Rasengan is still a very useful, powerful and difficult jutsu to learn and master.


In the first part, Jiraiya taught Naruto Uzumaki how to use the Rasengan, dividing the learning process into three.

naruto jiraiya rasengan


The first step involved learning to pop a water balloon by spinning the water inside in several directions at once using only the user’s chakra, which emphasizes rotation
The second stage involved the user popping a rubber ball. As rubber is thicker and air is completely different from water, it forces the user to use a denser chakra to break it. This step emphasizes power.
The third and final step involved combining the first and second steps by rotating the chakra inside a balloon without moving the balloon itself, thus emphasizing the stability of the sphere’s shape.
While most users learn to form the Rasengan with a single hand, Naruto and Konohamaru Sarutobi use one or more shadow clones to help create it. By making the shadow clones’ hands act as shells, Naruto and Konohamaru can complete and use the technique without needing extra time to master their chakra control.


Rasengan requires no hand seals to use, relying solely on the user’s chakra control. Once completed, it becomes self-contained, which doesn’t give Rasengan a precise limit like Chidori. The compact nature and movement speed of chakra allow Rasengan to grind into anything that comes into contact with it, directly to inflict significant damage. It also tends to throw the target backwards after being hit. In an anime filler arc, Naruto managed to throw Rasengan against a wall, making it a medium-range projectile technique.

Rasengan was designed to use the caster’s elemental affinities. Minato was unable to add this to his Rasengan before his death, while Kakashi Hatake tried to add his lightning element to his Rasengan, but was unable to do so and explains that he uses Chidori and Lightning Cutter instead, which require a certain point of Manipulation of Form and Nature itself. Naruto was the first to add his wind element to his Rasengan to create Wind Release: Rasengan, and even perfected it to the point where he could create the far more powerful and destructive version, Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

naruto rasenshiruken

Although Naruto has found new ways to use this technique, he still needs clones to make his Rasengan.

During his training with Jiraiya, Naruto improved the Rasengan with the Grand Bal Rasengan. An anime-exclusive flashback explains that the Big Ball Rasengan was obtained after Jiraiya pointed out that it would be easier to hit an opponent with the Big Ball Rasengan. Later, Naruto mixed his natural wind chakra to start developing Wind Release: Rasengan, as originally intended. Naruto took Rasengan even further than his father by creating Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, a variant of Wind Release: Rasengan. However, this new technique not only damaged the opponent’s chakra circulatory system, but also inflicted the same kind of damage on Naruto’s arm, rendering it like a double-edged sword. Despite this, Naruto overcame the obstacle, as evidenced by his battle against pain when, in Sage mode, he threw the Rasenshuriken, preventing any damage to his own body.

Naruto can also wield a Rasengan in both hands in Sage mode. Art Sage: Rasengan in Grand Balle mode uses two Rasengan in Grand Balle mode, each the size of his own body, while the technique Sage: Rasenrengan uses two regular Rasengan. It is suggested that Jiraiya was capable of doing something similar; when teaching Rasengan to Naruto, he holds the Rasengan in one hand and performs the water balloon exercise in his other hand. Both Jiraiya and Naruto can create even larger Rasengans, the Super Great Ball Rasengan and Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasengan respectively. Naruto can even massage a large group of Super Great Ball Rasengans and throw them at a target as Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasen Tarengan, which can even damage the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

naruto rasengan great ball

Naruto has shown that when under the influence of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s chakra, he is able to improve his use of the Rasengan standard and simultaneously compensate for his shortcomings in jutsu execution. The mantle of chakra that surrounds him in his one-tailed form acts as a shell to stabilize the Rasengan’s chakra, so he doesn’t need a clone to help him as usual. Due to the influence exerted by the Nine Tails chakra, this Rasengan changes from its yellow or blue color to a purple, orange or red one, made stronger than its standard version. Although some video games give it its own name, Vermilion Rasengan, it is basically the same jutsu.

During his training with Killer Bee, Naruto was informed that Rasengan has the same properties as Tailed Beast Ball, in that it is a jutsu that compresses chakra into a ball. The main difference between the two is the rotation used to stabilize Rasengan. As the ball of the tailed beast is unusable unless Naruto can completely transform into nine tails, Naruto must instead learn to form a Rasengan by mixing a balance of black “positive” and white “negative” chakra in an 8:2 ratio. He can currently form the Tailed Beast Rasengan, but it’s not fully functional.

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