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Naruto Shippuudden the Movie

Preview | Plot Summary | Characters | Screenshots This is the fouth movie in the Naruto franchise and the first one based in the Naruto Shippuden time frame. It was released in Japan on August  4th, 2007  and will be available in US theaters on September 25th, 2009.  The movie is directed by Hajime Kamegaki and written by Junki Takegami, both of whom will be working on the second Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Bonds.
Although the exact time whenthe movie’s events took place is not revealed, it probably occurred after the Rescue of Gaara arc.  There was much hype about the movie because of a preview showing Naruto’s apparent death, to watch the preview and to get more info go to the preview section.
Plot Summary

    Yomi, a dark medical ninjutsu user, seeks to revive a demon known as Mouryou.  Yomi is the survivor of a fallen shinobi clan who worshipped Mouryou and used his powers to create a Ghost Army of stone puppets.  With the army, they almost managed to conquer the entire continent, but a priestess from the Demon Country managed to separate Mouryou from his physical body and seal him.  Yomi has released Mouryou’s spirit again in order to try to conquer the world and establish again the Thousand Year Kingdom that his clan had envisioned.  Yomi offers Mouryou his own body to temporarily contain his spirit.  To unleash Mouryou’s true powers, they must first travel to Swamp Country where Mouryou’s physical body is sealed.  Yomi once again resurrects the Ghost Army to march towards Swamp Country, destroying everything in their way.  He sends his four henchmen, Kusuna, Shizuku, Gitai and Setsuna, to assassinate Shion, the current high priestess of Demon Country and the only one who can seal Mouryou away again.

    Konoha has learned of the release of Mouryou and sends many advance teams to try to stop the Ghost Army, but without much success.  Tsunade calls in Naruto and Sakura and pairs them with Neji and Lee to go on a special mission.  They will travel to Demon Country to be Shion’s bodyguards and ensure she makes it safely to Swamp County to reseal Mouryou.  The team arrives at Shion’s temple in time to chase off Yomi’s henchmen.  But upon seeing Naruto, Shion reveals that she has had a vision – one where Naruto dies while trying to protect her.

Movie Characters

Shion    Shion is the current high priestess of Demon Country and is the daughter of the previous priestess who sacrificed herself to seal away the demon Mouryou.  She has led a pampered life and appears at the beginning to care little for those who sacrificed their lives to protect her – leading to conflicts with Naruto.  But like Naruto, Shion has lived a lonely life because the villagers are afraid of her powers.  As a priestess‘s daughter, Shion has inherited the ability to see into the future and foretell when someone is going to die while trying to protect her.  As her visions have been always accurate so far, all the villagers avoid her so as to avoid being in one of her future visions.

Yomi    The survivor of a clan of shinobi who once attempted to conquer the world using the power of Mouryou.  Using an army of stone warriors, they were on the verge of defeating the other countries, when a high priestess from the Demon Country sealed away Mouryou.  Yomi is a practitioner of dark medical ninjutsu and has created a technique to inject chakra into his followers to boost their powers and allow them to use any element of their choosing.  Using his dark medical ninjutsu knowledge, Yomi was able to prepare his body to become a temporary host to Mouryou’s spirit.  However, the strain on his body slowly begins to show their effects.

Mouryou    A demon whose spirit and physical body were separated and sealed away in shrines by Miroku, the previous high priestess of Demon Country.  His spirit is sealed in Demon Country while his body is sealed in Swamp Country.  Mouryou’s physical form appears as a black/purplish cloud of dark energy, though he can manipulate his body into the form of multiple serpents.

Miroku    The previous high priestess of the Demon Country and Shion’s mother.  She sacrificed herself in order to seal away Mouryou.  Miroku wanted Shion to live a normal life and prevented her from learning about her true powers.  But to protect her daughter, she left Shion a special bell which allows Shion to foresee her own death in the future and be able to prevent it.  However, to save Shion’s life, another one must usually be sacrificed in her place.

Taruho    A dedicated temple guardsmen and servant who has sworn to protect Shion with his life.   He appears always to be calm and collected, and is implacable in his loyalty to Shion.  Even after Shion revealed to him that he will die in order to protect her, he continues to accompany Naruto and the others on their mission.

Gang of Four:
Kusana    The leader of the Gang of Four, a group of shinobi henchmen who serve Yomi.  Everyone on his team refers to him as ‘brother’, but whether they are actual siblings is not known.  Kusana can control the parasitic worm creatures which Yomi uses to carry out some of his dark medical ninjustu.  He can use them to infuse chakra into his teammates or use them to attack and paralyze his foes.
Shizuku    The only female (?) member of the Gang of Four.  She enjoys taunting the enemy and performing acrobatic-style moves.  Her prefered jutsu element is Water.
Gitai    Gitai is the wild member of the team and loves wreaking havoc.  He also has an ability to track down their prey using his nose much like Kiba Inuzuka.  His preferred chakra element is Earth.
Setsuna    Setsuna prefers to use Wind element jutsus and appears to be more reserved and calculating in his attacks than Gitai or Shizuku.


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