sexy jutsu naruto uzumaki

Naruto Sexy Jutsu

The Technique known as the “Sexy Jutsu” or “Sexy Meta” is simply a Transformation Technique used to transform the user into a beautiful naked woman in a very seductive pose with mists of smoke covering her private parts, or in a bathing suit.

Naruto uses this technique to distract or seduce men, sometimes resulting in exaggerated nosebleeds from the victim or even loss of consciousness, while i uses it mainly to impress Naruto. Some men have been able to resist this technique.

sexy jutsu naruto uzumaki
After Naruto’s return in part two, he boasted of having improved this Sexy Jutsu, which he called a “new and improved technique”, but he was knocked off his feet by Sakura before he had a chance to execute it. We finally see Naruto perform the upgrade in front of Sexy Jutsu, which takes place during Naruto Shippuden.

Finally, the last appearance of the is in : Next Generations when Boruto, Naruto’s son, also tries his hand at the art of sexy Jutsu, giving him a new appearance in turn.

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