Find out who Naruto’s best friend is, the rankings will surprise you !

Hi gamers! Today I’m so excited to tell you all about one of my favourite fictional characters, Naruto. This guy has really changed a lot since his difficult childhood. He’s gone from an unloved child to an icon of peace in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, thanks to his incredible friendships.

I’m going to tell you about the 11 characters who have influenced Naruto and helped him become the person he is today. And I’m not just talking about his pals, but also his mentors, teacher and even his rāmen tutor. Because for Naruto, family isn’t just about blood.


Let’s talk about Rock Lee first. At first, he and Naruto didn’t get on too well, but over time, they realised they shared the same values and ended up respecting each other. Rock Lee also had a big influence on Naruto thanks to his impressive work ethic.

Then there’s Sai, who at first found no favour in Naruto’s eyes. But after changing his behaviour and defending Naruto’s team against a surprise attack, Naruto began to see him as a comrade. So their friendship began to develop, and Sai even learned a lot about friendship from Naruto.


And how could we forget Teuchi, the owner of Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto’s favourite restaurant since childhood? Although he doesn’t appear regularly in the series, Teuchi has always been there for Naruto, offering him a break from training and giving him a sympathetic ear. Growing up, Naruto even got free bowls of ramen for life, how great is that?

Another highlight of Naruto’s story is his encounter with Killer Bee, the first jinchūriki he’s met with whom he has a really positive connivance. Together they form an epic duo, having fun, training hard and having a lot of empathy for each other.


Finally, there’s Kurama, Naruto’s true best friend. At first, their relationship wasn’t easy, but once they became allies, their bond became incredibly strong. Together, they’re simply unbeatable.

And there are my gamers! These are the 11 characters who have had a profound influence on Naruto’s life, and who have contributed to making him the man he has become. It’s been a pleasure telling you all about it, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. See you on another video adventure!

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