chidori de kakashi hatake

Chidori in naruto

Chidori translation : Thousand birds.

Attack type : Ninjutsu.

Element : Lightning

Hand seals : Monkey → Dragon → Rat → Bird → Ox → Snake → Dog → Tiger → Monkey.

Rank : A.

Description :

The is a Ninjutsu technique developed by that uses the element lightning. Allows him to cut through any enemy. Later, used his and the training of to also learn this technique. Chidori is used for assassination purposes. By activating the body to concentrate chakra on the hand, Kakashi and Sasuke’s hand are enveloped by an electric force. This force is their chakra, modified in nature by an electric current. By modifying the form of the force, as in the case of an electric discharge, they can decide the power and range of the attack.

chidori de kakashi hatake

After concentrating all the chakra in the arm, Kakashi and Sasuke use their speed and the power of the chakra thrust to pierce any object with the forearm extended. Since their opponent can easily counter the attack, it takes a Sharingan user to make the technique worthwhile. The Sharingan will enable him to predict the movements his opponent will decide to make and send his blow into the target. Due to the high speed, the force emits a sound like the chirping of a thousand birds, which gave the technique its name.

Users: Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke.

chidori de sasuke uchiha

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