Akatsuki leader

Pein (Nagato)

First Appearance True Identity: Nagato





Ninja Stats not available

Hand Seals
Rank: Kage level, Missing Nin
Previous Teammates: Konan, Yahiko
Partners: Konan
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.238, Identity revealed: Naruto manga ch.436
Affiliations: Akatsuki, Amegakure (former)
Age: ?
Height: 176.5cm
Weight: 57.2kg
Blood Type: ?
Chakra Type: all
Little is known about the mysterious mastermind behind the entire

Akatsuki organization

.  His Akatsuki ring has the character for ‘Nothing’ and he wears it on his right thumb. His real name has been revealed to be Pein, and he is a missing-nin from the Hidden Village in the Rain.  Although he has not been seen in combat so far, the leader has displayed some powerful abilities.  His greatest ability is likely his ability to extract and trap the essence of a tailed beast.  He does so by summoning a giant demon-sealing statue, but several Akatuski members need to be present to complete the sealing ritual.  Pein also has a telepathy-like ability that allows Akatsuki members to communicate with each other through astral projection wherever they are located.  He has also demonstrated the ability to shapeshift human sacrifices into clones of other Akatsuki members by using a portion of the member’s chakra.  Except that their power is limited by the amount of chakra used, these clones are otherwise indistinguishable from the original.  Lastly, Pein may have the uncanny ability to control rainfall over the entire Rain Village. When Jiraiya infiltrated the village, Pein was able to sense him just from Jiraiya distrurbancing the rainfall.

Pein’s motive is to achieve world domination by wiping out the other shinobi villages.  The first step is to gather large amounts of money, mostly through criminal activity.  Next, create a large mercenary army that will perform missions below the cost of what the other shinobi villages charge.  The leader plans to use the tailed beasts to start wars that will benefit Akatsuki, and then stop them at his leisure to solidify Akatsuki’s reputation.  The other shinobi villages will not be able to compete and eventually collapse since accepting missions are their primary source of income.  When this occurs, Akatsuki will be the only major military power remaining and can easily conquer the world with the power of the tailed beasts at its control.

It has been revealed in Naruto manga chapter 363 that Pein may not be the true head of Akatsuki, and that Tobi is giving the orders.

Pein’s original name was Nagato.  He, along with Yahiko and Konan, were trained by Jiraiya during their youths.  Nagato’s Rinnegan ability allowed him to master all types of ninjutsu and to use all six chakra elements. It is not known exactly what transpired after Jiraiya left, but during that period Nagato’s close friend Yahiko died.  Nagato had a change in personality as well as ideals, so much so that Jiraiya can hardly recognize him after their reunion. Pein has grown so powerful that he single-handedly killed the previous leader, Hanzou, and took over the Rain village and proclaimed himself a “god.”


Abilities and Jutsus:

Demon Sealing Statue (Summoning)
The giant statue is used to extract and seal the essence of captured tailed beasts. Each member stands on one of the statue’s fingers and perform the sealing jutsu: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals to begin the extraction process.  Once a tailed beast is extracted, it is consumed by the statue and one of its nine eyes is opened.
Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals (Seal) (Special)
This jutsu creates nine illusionary dragons from the statue’s mouth which crash into and envelop the demon beast host.  The extraction jutsu requires all available Akatsuki members to be present.  It also requires a large amount of chakra and usually several days to complete.  Once the tailed beast is extracted, the human host will die.
Rinnegan (Bloodline) (Special)
The Rinnegan or Metempsychosis Eyes are said to have originated from the Sage of the Six Paths – the creator of all ninjutsu. It is the most powerful of the three famous eye techniques but the full effect of its powers are still a mystery.  One of its abilities appears to allow the user to transfer his soul to another body.
Body Switching (Special)
  The mechanics behind this ability/jutsu is still not clear, but it is likely something to do with the Rinnegan.  Pein can readily switch bodies between one of six stored in stasis-like states; each is said to be suited for a particular type of mission.
Crayfish (Summon)
A giant crayfish that can spew a jet of bubbles from its mouth.  It was one of Pein’s first summons.
Chameleon (Summon)
A giant chameleon with a tail in the form of a snake, small wing like appendages on its back and a horn on its head with several spikes pierced through it.  The chameleon has the ability to turn itself completely invisible.
Hell Hound (Summon)
  A summoned creature with similar abilities to Cerberuse. Jiraiya had a hard time combating this creature because every hit seems to make it stronger and grow more heads.  The heads would then split into more hell hounds.
Hard Beak Bird (Summon)
Bull (Summon) Fuuton: Cyclone Blow (Ninjutsu)
Reppushou.  Cyclone Blow was used by Nagato to create a surge of high wind that can be used to supercharge the speeds of throw projectiles.  Theoretically, it can also be used to deflect incoming attacks.
Human Realm Pein
  A thin Akatsuki member summoned by Pein with orange hair, various piercings and Pein’s Rinnegan eyes. He has the ability to read minds by directly extracting a person’s soul and may kill his victim by ripping his soul out. He also uses primarily taijutsu and is very fast.
Hungry Ghost Realm Pein
  A chubby Akatsuki member summoned by Pein with orange hair, various piercings and Pein’s Rinnegan eyes.  He has the unique ability to absorb any type of ninjutsu attack, regardless of the element type.
Demon Realm Pein
  Demon Realm Pein has the most unique body of all the Peins.  His true form resembles Asura from Buddhist beliefs and has three faces and six arms, as well as a tail.  His body is also packed with many explosives and missiles.
Animal Realm Pein
  There have been two versions of Animal Realm Pein so far.  The first one, a male, was killed by Jiriaya.  The second version is a female who has been refered to as “Konan.”  Both versions specialize in the ability to summon gigantic monsters and can even summon the other Peins.
God Realm Pein
  God Realm Pein is the original Pein first introduced as the “Akatsuki leader.”  Jiriaya had recognized his body as that of Yahiko’s, a former student.  His has the power to control gravity and can pull or repel both objects and ninjutsu attacks.
Hell Realm Pein
  Hell Realm Pein has a muscular body and strong appearance.  His ability involves summoing a monstrous demon to do his bidding.
Shinra Tensei (Ninjutsu)
  God Realm Pein’s gravitaty-based jutsu is known as Shinra Tensei.  In its most basic form, Pein can use it to repel weapons or crush his enemy to the ground.  At its ultimate level, this jutsu has the power to level an entire village, though the strain shortens Pein’s life.
Bensho Tenin (Ninjutsu)
  Bensho Tenin is similar to Shinra Tensei but utilizies attraction forces than repulsion.  Just by pointing to his opponent, Pein can draw him/her in and finish the opponent off at close range.  It is a very fast technique and useful for disrupting other techniques.
Chakra Transmitters (Weapon)
  Nagato is able to control his six bodies through the use of special chakra transmitting rods inserted into their bodies.  Similar rods are attached to his real body and allows him to transmit his chakra signals over long distance.
Chibaku Tensei (Ninjutsu) (Special)
  A space/time forbidden jutsu which creates a miniature black hole that can suck in everything around it within a large radius.  The Sage of the Six Paths was said to created the Moon using this technique.

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